Leo DiCaprio and the whole 1-OAK LA thing . . .

1-Oak-Logo leonardo-dicaprio-3What a crazy day!  What started as a simple Instagram post has become the biggest celebrity viral news of the day.  Who’d of thought I was the only one to capture and post footage of the greatest actor of this generation rapping at a club packed to the gills with people who I would have to assume own cell phones.

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*as you can see he’s wearing the same hat as in the picture he took at the protest the next day (see pic above)*


Last Thursday was a night to remember as Richie Akiva, co-owner of 1 OAK nightclub, had his first ever LA birthday celebration at the West Hollywood venue which opened earlier this year.  Celebrities were lining the walls with beautiful women:  Jamie Foxx hosting on the mic all night, performances by Diddy, Robin Thicke, Jason Derulo plus legends like Russell Simmons and too many more to name.  At one point Jamie Foxx started yelling, “There’s a wolf in the DJ booth!” which made no sense until he followed with, “the greatest actor of our generation.”  Wolf.  Actor.  Leo!  Camera out, proceed to shoot.  During DJ MOS’s Hip-Hop set he threw on the A Tribe Called Quest classsic “Scenario” at which point Leo grabs Jamie’s arm to get the mic and begins to rap!  Hands down the coolest celeb moment I’ve seen since moving to LA.

Assuming the entire club would do the same, I posted the video to Instagram and received very little attention until around midnight last night, 3 days later, when the numbers started stacking up.  I wake up this morning and it’s viral!  TMZ, E Online, Extra, MTV, ABC News, Hollywood Reporter, JustJared, Buzzfeed, the list goes on and on and on.

Thanks to the sites that did the right thing and linked to my instagram as well as crediting me for the post (Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, E online, Just Jared, etc.).  I’m sure Leo’s people are mad but at the end of the day I think most people will think he’s even cooler than they already thought he was.  If Phife doesn’t want to tour with Q-Tip I’m sure Leo would be a welcome addition to ATCQ.  In the meantime, I know the clip was public, but damn TMZ, cant a brother get a shout out?! Lol.



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