Shut Yo Trap! (Los Angeles) :: Photo Gallery

tumblr_mj8pw77EyH1s5ro5mo10_1280I had a blast getting back to basics with my homie Stk-Stk DJing his Shut Yo Trap bass party the other week.  The Mandrake is an unassuming hipster hideaway near Culver City with a really dope loyal following so it was geared up to be a great party from the beginning.  Not to mention, I brought in a sub-woofer and extra monitors to make everyone feel it.  Trap, Dubstep, Moombahton and various other forms of bass were enjoyed by all, especially me, since I have been Mr. Open Format lately and have been salivating to run EDM for an entire night.  Mission accomplished, and it will happen more often…. promise 🙂

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