LA Galaxy Enlist d.painter For Remix

Being a long time European Football fan, d.painter was happy to receive a call from the LA Galaxy soccer club (MLS) last week when they were in need of some music for their 2012 season opening game.  The task: remix Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch’s 90’s classic “Good Vibrations” for their corporate sponsors pre-game show.  After a year of DJing for the LA Dodger baseball team, he was not about to let down a sports team in need, no matter how unconventional the request.  A couple days of hard work and the remix was submitted, something different than his usual musical sound but definitely a track worthy of a large stadium of sports fans, and especially the cheer leaders.

The song debuted this past Saturday to the nearly sold out crowd as the legendary David Bekham, Landon Donovan and the team took on Real Salt Lake.  The track was so well received it was used again for the Dance Cam segment of the game during half-time.  This one wont be available for download on soundcloud so go to the game and check it out for yourself.

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